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DD Cummings wrote at 2008-10-13 18:13:48
Sculptures by Bijan could be welded steel and bronze sculptures by Bijan Mahmoodi in Austerlitz, NY - 518-392-7156

Linda O'Donnell wrote at 2010-07-26 23:52:23
I know Bijan and he would be glad to e-mail you.  If you send me your e-mail address and I will forward it to him.  He is a famous sculpture and is well known in the Jere era.  He did 2 wall hangings with white bone china flowers and bronze stems  and leaves. Each wall hanging has one humming bird.  There is also one stand design called Morning Nectar.  It also has one humming bird and 3 bone china flowers. If it is a wall hanging and has 5 blooms it is called Morning Blossom.  If it has 8 white flowers, it is called (Morning Glory 8) You can type Bijan sculptures on e-bay and see other pieces of his art.

Hopes this helps.

He is a wonderful man.  Hang on to the sculpture it will be quite valuable someday.

Hopes this helps. Linda in Oregon.  

amir wrote at 2013-08-11 02:01:53
  Bajan has had sex with a number of children in the area.

He attacked one young man who committed suicide.t He was involved in a bank robbery and was let go after he rolled over on his friends . All together a wonderful all round arteest

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