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Jimmy wrote at 2008-02-12 08:58:35
Hi, I also have a numbered lithograph (356/375) hand-signed "de Carlo" of an abstract brown/gold bull with an orange sphere between it's horns. There is also an embossed element which is egg-shaped near the upper right corner. The stylized image of the bull reminded me of ancient cave paintings which is why I purchased it from the Collector's Guild in the early eighties. In fact I bought (2) and gave one to my brother for Christmas. The artist is Keith de Carlo. FYI, Jimmy

Royce wrote at 2008-04-14 20:50:49
If you're still looking for answers, I recently picked-up a piece from De Carlo.  I mean, picked-up, as it was being tossed into the trash by a local high school that was eliminating it from their collection.  It is numbered and signed by De Carlo, and because it was in the school's collection, it had a card attached to the back with bio info on the artist, Keith De Carlo, and info about the piece, Apis, the Egyptian bull god. Info is provided about his unique style of combining etching and embossing, as well as when my piece was pulled (1973 in Paris).  If interested, I can post the entire bio.


Eva wrote at 2008-05-14 20:27:06
Hi Jimmy and Royce,

I am Keith De Carlo's widow and live in Paris, France. Keith passed away in 1981. His editions of lithographs were printed here in France and shipped to the US for sale by the Collector's Guild. Mythical animals were among his favorite subjects and he was also inspired by ancient cave paintings. The embossing technique is unique. In 1980 your Egyptian Bull was worth about $150. Lithos without the embossing sold for $100.

Lina wrote at 2008-08-21 14:04:29
I have just acquired two De Carlo lithographs from a local auction in Beirut. Both are Artist Proof , signed. One is dated 71. The other is similar but not dated , so I am assuming its from the same year or so. One has 7 deer on a blue background with a sphere and the other is of horses on a yellow background and a sphere. There isn't much information about de Carlo on the internet. Any info is much appreciated. And at the moment , I am very happy with my find.

Michael wrote at 2009-08-18 22:47:31
I have a deCarlo purchased in the 70's. It is the Anubis 11/350 and signed. I later purchased another, the Roman Horse. I've looked extensively for info on the painter. I have a small bio that came with the Anubis, but would like more detailed information. Thank you Mrs. deCarlo for posting. I enjoy his art. I've had the Anubis beautifully mounted and framed. Soon to do so with the Roman Horse.

Trudy wrote at 2010-04-17 01:21:55
I have a deCarlo cat lion signed deCarlo and numbered 362/375. Could anyone tell me about this picture...? Like the widow in Paris? or is it just too many months later than the postings.

Any information about this particular lithograph would be welcome. Is it a mythical creature? My late husband bought it from the Collector's Guild.  

Nancy wrote at 2010-08-15 00:09:40
Hi Trudy.  It sounds like the piece you have is "Le Roi Des Lions".  Is it a red and gray lion with a gray background?  I have #58 of the 375 created in 1974 in Paris. I bought mine for $8 at a yard sale, in its original frame and mat.  It's also signed, numbered and embossed w/the Collectors Guild marking.  I'm curious, how much did you pay for yours??  

Mine had the original mat and frame with the certificate of authenticity on the back and a little catalogue clipping (presumably from the Collectors Guild) detailing the piece, including the original price of $50 (I'm assuming that's from the 1970's.).  Sadly, when the lithographs were matted and framed, they did not use archivial materials, so upon taking it out of the original frame and mat, I see that where the mat was has yellowed the piece.  I'll be rematting and reframing mine with museum quality archivial materials, and just saving the certificate which was on the back.

If anyone else has info on current value, I'd be interested. Thanks!

Nancy in Seattle

Scoots wrote at 2010-10-10 18:14:36
I recently dug out a print from my father's basement which is signed "de Carlo" and is 35/325.  

It is of black horses running with a yellow background and an orange sun.  I'm also in the process of trying to research the artist.

Keep me in the loop.

rioshea wrote at 2010-10-24 03:42:43
I think I have the very same print with the black horses  and yellow back ground and orange sun/moon, but mine is hand signed and numbered 165/375

Dale,Restore Manager wrote at 2011-01-28 16:00:01
We recently were donated several lithos, one is the artist Keith De Carlos,(Le Roi Des Lion) The Collectors Guild LTD 185 Madison Ave.  Thanks to this site we now have more info. But we still could use a current price so we may sell it in our ReStore.  

Dale Habitat for Humanity Ontario County, NY

Collector's Wife wrote at 2011-04-07 18:55:34
I have a print, 135/375 signed by "de Carlo" I believe it is Le Roi Des Lion. It was purchased from The Collector's Guild by my husband in the 80's. As another writer mentioned, it was incorrectly framed and needs to be framed with archival material. I no longer have space to hang it and plan to donate it for auction at a charity event. I wonder about its value.

Carol Matteson Pascal wrote at 2011-05-27 14:05:18
de Carlo's fpir reindeer under a red moon (Les Resses fond Jaune" handsigned lithograph was sold by the Collectors Guild in 1971 for $43.90.  It was accompanied by a box of Christmas cards with this image on the front and a notation on the back that the image was "From the collection of....) whoever the purchaser was.  I sent them out for several years and never failed to get a compliment.  I'm goint to sell it and will let you know how that goes. Carol Matteson Pascal

Geri wrote at 2011-06-21 01:05:55
I also have a numbered and signed De Carlo from the collector's guild. It is of black horse silhouettes and a yellow moon. Also wondering about it's value.

tom_ wrote at 2013-09-26 20:36:48
I have a lithograph purchased from Collectors Guild, most likely in the mid-late 1960s.  It is signed "Llewellyn - de Carlo".  It shows a full moon over an apartment building, a light shining from only one window.  On the right side and in front of the apartment building is another structure, most likely a pissoir, on which there are a couple posters pasted, one of which advertises the Lido.  There are three shades of blue, there is slate for the rooftop and darkened windows, and turquoise coloring the pissoir which is topped by a small onion dome.

It surprises me that such a supposedly prolific artist is not to be found in Wikipedia.  I guess I can understand s (later?) preference for the shorter "Keith" over the longer "Llewellyn" when signing one's name hundreds of times, if that's what happened.

Linda wrote at 2016-03-22 02:11:57
I have two large lithographs of De Carlo one is of two orange bulls with another bull embossed in the upper right corner with stamp image as well. The other is of two bulls in surrounded in orange but bulls are mainly black and charging at one another. I find them absolutely beautiful, and the embossed images are beautifully done. I wish I knew the proper names of these two lithographs. They were left to me.

Tina wrote at 2016-06-12 06:38:05

I have a signed original piece by De carlo and is numbered. Its a fairly large piece with a single black bull with a orange background and a yellow sun. Im trying to get some info on this piece. Whats interesting is its signed 'llewellyn de carlo'

any info would be helpful as I'm not seeing many signed with 'llewellyn' but rather just 'de carlo'

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