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Nicola wrote at 2014-02-15 23:28:55
Dear stuart,

your post is quite old but i hope my answer to it will be late but helpful.

I am a Rosalba Carriera lover and have been studying her works for years. I have clearly recognised your painting as the portrait of Faustina Bordoni, a venetian opera singer portrayed seral times by Rosalba.

I would say that your version is an after for a specific reason: Rosalba Carriera was a pastellist, we have no proof of Rosalba ever using oil as a medium. There is only one oil painting attributed to her, a portrait of the venetian painter Giambattista Tiepolo, which is anyway still very discussed.

Also, one of Rrosalba`s "marks" is the light point on the eyes of the sitter, which makes her portraits look alive. Tje secret of Rosalba`s portraits lays on the eyes and that penetrating glaze.

Anyway, your portrait is still very beautiful and fascinating, and would be very happy to see it hanging in my home.

Kind regards


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