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Fine Art/Oil painting, post-1960, from Paris


Joelle wrote at 2007-12-30 00:43:34
I live in Washington state in the USA. I have two small paintings by Calvan -- street scenes, same style, same signature -- purchased from the artist in 1962 in Paris by my late grandfather, who was also an artist, as am I. There is no documentation on the back of mine, so I was glad to find your posting. I've searched and found no other information on this artist. But many talented people never become known ...

Donna wrote at 2008-07-27 19:41:56
I was just looking up the artist M.S.L.Calvan and was brought to this site. I read the letter from Michael to Brent and I also have found a painting very similar to the one that Michael has by the same artist. I'm in Florida. I wonder where Michael was.

Kristin wrote at 2008-09-01 13:17:37

I have one very similar to that.  It was given to me by someone who was sent to Paris during WWII.  I knew mine was from France because Notre Dame is included in the background.  I have always loved this painting since I was given it 10+ years ago... but know nothing about the painter.


David wrote at 2008-10-06 01:39:20
I have a Calvan that is also a street scene in Paris and is painted in the same style as your paintging.  The painting wss purchased from an art dealer in Overland Park, KS (greater Kansas City, MO) in the early 1960's.

cyn wrote at 2009-04-16 15:09:21
I too have a M.S.L. Calvan sofa size oil painting of a similar street scene supposedly purchased in France before 1970 with a tag on the back about the artist and the number 215379 for the painting.  We love the painting and would like to know more about the artist.

Janice Henry wrote at 2009-07-02 12:58:47
I was very happy to have found this site. I had no information on Calvan. Thank you Michael. I found mine at a garage sale a month ago and absolutely love's very similar to the one in the picture. I live in Ontario, Canada.

melinda wrote at 2009-07-11 22:36:48
I am also an owner of a Calvan oil painting from Ontario, Canada. Until now, I have not bothered to

look up any info on the internet because I could not be certain of the reading of the signature at the front bottom right. But today as I was dusting, I noticed on the back side of the canvas, a name that appeared to be "Calvan" in thick black marker.  I googled "calvan oil painting" to find Michael's inquiry.  What a delight to see another painting of the same artist. And to also know that other paintings from the same artists still exist.  I don't know where the street is or what street

is depicted, - and whether it is real or imagined.

My painting has a spread of buildings in the

horizon with  a green carriage drawn by two horses

on a widened street.  Those signature trees

are scattered about with a single dominating

passerby on the right of the sidewalk - a stylish hatted lady, with a white top and a turquoise skirt swirled around her tall thin body.  The

colors and the details are so lively. I could

hardly believe this is just a painting.   Even though the predominant five buildings are all

rather unique, they all fit together, making

this painting a feast for the eyes and the

senses.  The golden wood carved frame adds

even more character and something much to

be appreciated -whether or not it is monetary.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Vitamin G wrote at 2010-03-15 17:30:25
I have a oil painting also with the signature CALVAN located in the bottom right hand corner. The painting displays the same style as depicted in Michael's inquiry ,The painting shows a green streetcar yellow triangle shaped building to the right and a gray building with huge pillars to the left.ARE THE PAINTINGS WE HAVE WORTH MUCH?

Aaron wrote at 2011-01-11 05:35:10
I also have a Calvan painting.  My grandmother purchased the painting in Paris in the 1950's.  There is also a card on the back of the frame. However, my card state that Calvan in an Italian artist that studied at the Art Academy of Naples. it possible the painting was some kind of scam for tourists?

Lidia Piliego wrote at 2011-02-13 00:39:16
I have a M.S.L. Calvan oil painting, I don't see any signature in front 30x15 inch,There is also a card on the back of the frame:

M.S.L. CALVAN, born in Frankfort, educated in Roma, and now a resident of Paris, is a part time actor. In his early forties, he has had many exhibits on the continent, most recently in Versailles, and in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Geneva.

The Painting is from Paris, and beautiful


rs marsh wrote at 2011-02-18 00:23:17
I too am working in an office with a wonderful painting by CALVAN signed on the bottom right of a street scene in Paris near the Seine.  I love this painting; I also may have one at home, that's smaller, that I bought at a garage sale years ago in Laguna Beach.  I'm going home to see if it is the same artist.

mjbirdie wrote at 2011-05-29 19:19:02
It is interesting that everyone here has a Calvan, most signed in a black marker style, with a street scene in Paris. I have one, with a signature similar to Michael's piece, but it is a still life with a candle and holder, a piece of fruit, a book and a vase.

I have not found anything on the artist and can only assume that my painting is from the same artist as Michael's based on the signature. However, the frame is from Anco Bilt, Glendale, NY. I am from New Hampshire.  

Gussie wrote at 2011-08-30 04:06:11
I have a Calvan oil painting similar to Michael's that

I purchased for $ 169 on April 17, 1971.

PF wrote at 2012-02-04 17:10:19

Just purchased a nice painting at a second hand shop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Searched the internet for Calvan and found this site. My painting is

75 cm * 38 cm, a nice street view with the arch of triumph in the middle...

Would have been nice to share a picture of it (and see all your others...)

/Patrik from Sweden

PF wrote at 2012-02-04 18:21:16

I have recently purchased a painting by Calvan - and found this site when searching the net. It's a nice street view over

Paris (size 75cm * 40cm) with the arch of triumph in the middle of the painting.

It would be nice sharing a picture of it (and also see your others) - but it might not possible at this site.

Patrik, from Gothenburg Sweden

Matt wrote at 2012-02-07 04:03:24
I also have an original Calvan with the same card on the back. It's very similar to yours actually, a streetscape with two ladies in red and blue dresses just like the ones in your painting.  

Miss Ruth wrote at 2012-04-05 21:48:59
I just bought a painting by Calvan at an antique store in Toronto. It is a still life of a red jug, a blue candlestick and a bright yellow lemon. I love it ,and was looking for information on the artist. I guess we're all in the same boat.

Natalie wrote at 2012-06-22 23:35:28
well, I will add my stroy too, ha we should start a calvan fan site on facebook to display our paintings! I just got mine at Goodwill here in Salem Oregon and it took a while to read the name, I really love this art and am thrilled to find others here. The picture just seems to draw me in and take me to a nice place.  

B Guerra wrote at 2013-01-16 21:17:10
He also goes by the name calvano, M.S.L. Calvano, and you can google him and hit the image button and he has a couple of his paintings listed. I have one in my home.

Frank Callahan wrote at 2014-07-31 13:43:06
One of CalVans paintings was purchased in New Mexico a couple of years ago in a consignment shop depicting Notre Dame.  Very Striking painting in a morning setting with the streets reflecting from the rain.  

Barbara wrote at 2014-08-27 21:23:39
There has been a Calvan oil painting in my parents home in cleveland for many years; a bridge with buildings in the back of it, his spikey autumn trees at the side.  It looks like Paris and written on the back with marker is GB187216 Calvin

Melinda wrote at 2016-04-20 19:06:24
I am posting a photo of the Calvan oil painting to accompany my original posting on July 11,2009.

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