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nickfromnj wrote at 2006-11-19 13:15:02
I have a Parsons original oil. At the time of purchase I had been told it was valued at US$6500.  We purchased it because we liked it so much for our home, but since then I too have tried to find info on him.  Good luck to you.

colin maxwell parsons wrote at 2006-12-14 14:16:11
For the last 15 years my work has and is only sold by Wentworth gallery and is signed MAXWELL PARSONS.

colin maxwell parsons wrote at 2006-12-14 14:53:54
I have never painted anything as large as 49x75.

Nigel wrote at 2008-10-03 19:24:33
I also have a lovely oil painting by Colin Maxwell Parsons - it's a cottage with two girls in the foreground sitting in an orchard/flower garden. I bought it in the 80's for 350 - It's impossible to get values though - have already contacted the gallery with which he works now exclusively - they are totally unhelpful,and rude, completely useless as a value guide - suggest you don't buy any more!

Mike wrote at 2008-11-11 06:37:20
Hi Sharon

I don't know where Alan got his information but if you call Christies they would tell you that Max POarsons sold an oiil painting at Chrsties in 2000 for 800, later in the USA and Canada his works went for $800 and $450 dollers depending on the size of the oil.

Pam wrote at 2008-11-26 12:58:22
I bought an oil painting by Maxwell Parsons from the Wentworth Gallery in Boston in 1998. I believe I paid $3,000 for it.

KP wrote at 2009-03-29 23:31:45
I just purchased an original Colin Maxwell Parsons oil painting at the Wentworth Gallery in Laguna Beach (today was their last day before moving all their art to a new Ft. Lauderdale store).  It's called "Landscape" - and it's gorgeous.  Nice work Colin Maxwell!

PMT wrote at 2010-01-10 19:27:45
We just purchased Maxwell Parson's Warwick Castle as a 21st birthday present for our daughter who is studing at Oxford.  Warwick Castle is not far and she plans to visit and take a tour. This is a beautiful print that is reminisent of a Monet, in my opinion!  

Kathy wrote at 2016-03-05 21:59:47
I have a Colin Maxwell Parsons oil on canvas named " "Victorian Garden " bought at the  Town house gallery Lancaster England over 20 years ago. It measures 20" x 17" approx. Or in metric 50 X 40 approx. I think its authentic . I have no idea what it's worth now.

Middle Class Dupe wrote at 2017-01-03 10:38:39
Sadly, these paintings all seem to be a complete ripoff of the art-uneducated middle class by Wentworth Gallery.  Wentworth sells these impressionist imitations for thousands of dollars; yet if you look at auction resale values, the most an original Parsons has gathered has been around 120 pounds.  All I can say about Wentworth Gallery is "caveat emptor' - buyer BEWARE.

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