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Would you please recommend a website where I can price
artwork? When we are interested in selling, do you have any
recommendations? We are interested in/own pieces by Tarkay,
Erte, Steynowitz, Dorit Levi and Govezensky. Also, do acrylics by
A. E. (Ellie) Barnes have any value - are they worth purchasing?
One more Tarkay ill?

Dear Andy,

I hope this finds you well and thank you for your question. There are many online resources for researching auction prices on art, but most require a paid membership (Artprice, AskArt). There is a great free website that gives auction prices; Remember however that auction prices reflect wholesale values and the price of a print can change dramatically based on the auction houses ability to attract the right buyers and for the right buyer of a particular piece to show up. For instance, a Currier and Ives print sold for $22,000 at auction and two years later a print of the same image sold for $2200 at the same auction house. Maybe the buyers at the second auction were not interested in Currier lithos.

If you are looking to sale your art on the secondary market, it is best to find the current retail value of the work. If it is a contemporary artist such as Tarkay, you should be able to locate a retail gallery that carries the artists work and ask them for the current retail value of the prints you have. The artist’s publisher releases updated pricing on prints regularly as the limited edition sells out and sends this information to its gallery clients.
Google “Tarkay, gallery” and you will find many resources for pricing. You can do the same thing with your other artists as well.

I am not familiar with Ellie Barnes, but found a couple of her prints for sale on EBay in the $300 range. My suggestion to collectors is to buy what you like and buy the best quality of that artist’s work that you can afford, (obviously a painting is of higher value than a limited edition print by the same artist). If you are collecting as an investment, you may get lucky and buy the early work of an artist that could someday bring Picasso prices, but I have seen many people invest in a hot new artist only to find their popularity dwindle and therefore the value of their art investment dwindle as well.

Selling art on the secondary market is not only difficult, but the collector is usually disappointed when their art does not sell for the price it was appraised, or in many cases for what they originally paid for it. EBay has opened up a new avenue for the collector to sell their art without the need to find a gallery that will consign it, but the retail value of art is seldom realized on EBay. People have a lot of choices now with the availability of internet marketing and they want a deal. There are other art consignment websites that will list your art for a commission (usually 20% or more), but don’t be in a hurry to sell since they do not have the same traffic as EBay.

I could not find any reputable information on Mr. Tarkay’s health. I read a post on EBay by a person selling a Tarkay print and they mentioned in the post that Tarkay was ill. I hope it is not true and just a sellers pathetic way to generate bids on their artwork. My good wishes are with him.

I hope this is helpful.

Best regards,

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