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I have a picture I received from my grandmother which she brought with her from her mother's home in Vienna when she moved to the states after WWII.  I know nothing about art to know weather it is a print or painting.  It is about 46"x20" in a big thick frame and when I tried to look up the artist H. Zabateri, online I didn't get much except a copy of the last supper and a young lady surrounded by others in the grass.  My picture is similar to the one with the lady but the woman is in a boat on a pond.  I just know that I think it is pretty and relaxing to look at, so any help would be better than what I've got now.  Even just some direction about where to learn more would be good.  I apologize if I have wasted your time. thank you.

Dear Kristina, I find no listing in any dictionaries of artists for an "H. Zabateri". What you have is most likely a print. You don't need to know anything about art to see if the surface is flat like a poster, which means it is a print. Also a print is usually under glass, and a painting is usually not. A painting has dimension, you can see a bumpy surface with brush strokes in the paint.

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