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I acquired this picture at a Christmas party as a white elephant gift along with Gainsborough's "Blue Boy."  I found a lot of information about "Blue Boy" but cannot find any information on the portrait of the small child at all.  Located on the back of both pictures is a sticker that says, Product of Reliable, Newark, N.J.  The small child picture has a hand written note that reads, "Light of the World."  Obviously this is not a replica of the famous "Light of the World" painting by Hunt.  Do you have any knowledge regarding the author, era, or name of this artwork?

Hi Kelly

First I have to say that I cant help you a lot. This is what I know. What you have is a print made by Reliable, Newark, NJ. It is mass-produced so it does not hold substantial value, but of course it can still be a very nice print.

The frase "Light of the world" has been used since the 18 century to describe Jesus Christ. Recently it has been used in modern religios works. You can see a few of them if you make a google search.

I cant help you more I am affraid.

Best Regards, Soren

With the information you give me and without uploading a picture it is impossible to say more than I already did. If you want the information that you ask for you have to upload a photo.  

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