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i have a signed painting by morris katz 1987 of a tree with an animal approaching mostly pink and orange with a dark animal  that undefined and amibuou looking like the whole painting
and one of wild horses  by A   BO
and of  a flower pot/vase with flowers by kay B 1966

does the fact that morris the fastest artist and most prolific one , make his paintings unvaluable?
and the fact tha he sells them very cheap  right after he paints them?

how much are they worth now?
will they be mworth more later?
should i keep them?
wha tis the cheapest  site  to go to for an appraisal?
are appraisal  companies  divided according to different   artists?

how do i go about findin one?  

Dear Yom,

I will try to answer your questions for you. On Morris Katz; personally I do not believe his work should be considered as “investment” art. But then most artists work should be considered as something to be visually enjoyed and not as your children’s inheritance.

If you want your Katz art appraised, you can send $50 to Morris Katz and he will give you a written certificate of “approximate” value.  Included with your payment you will receive another signed oil painting; a 2 hour video of Morris Katz International TV talk shows (about 35 segments) which you will find informative and entertaining; and additional reproductions of Morris' original paintings and his biography. Details are on his website:

I reviewed my books and cannot locate artists who sign their work as A BO or Kay B.  This does not mean they are not qualified artists, but out of the millions of artists throughout history, comparatively few become known well enough to be listed in artist directories.

There are appraisers who specialize either in genre or artist. Others are more generalists. If an artist commands high prices at auction, their work has to have provenance. It must be recognized by the artists’ agents or estate.

Most of the major auction houses, (Christies; Sothebys; Bonham & Butterfield) provide a limited amount of free appraisals. They set aside certain days for collectors to bring their artwork in and get a verbal evaluation; something like Antiques Roadshow. Some of them will take images through email; but most of the time they will request you bring the item in for evaluation.

There are private appraisers that offer a free verbal estimate, (much like what you get on allexperts; but these “professional opinions of value” will not qualify for insurance coverage or private collectors that want an official written appraisal.

You will need to consider if your art is of enough value to pay for a written appraisal by an accredited appraiser. Most often the pricing ranges from $250 and up; depending on the art. To receive a formal appraisal, the appraiser has to meet certain criteria for evaluation including comparable art by the same artist. If you are looking for this type of appraisal I suggest you review the members of the Appraisers Association of America at

I hope this information is helpful to you.
Best regards,

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