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I recently bought 2 pictures and one is signed huldah. This particular one is of a "boy" walking on a path with a bunny in a basket. The other is of a woman and I believe it's called "woman in the park". This one appears to be unsigned. I also would like to ask about the backing on some of the pictures I have. May I safely remove the thin paper backing to better exam the pictures that are framed? Thank you.  

Huldah Cherry Jeffe focused on turn-of-the-century women and adolescent girls. Her young ladies are costumed in the fashionable attire of the period, and her style hints of impressionism with a strong Renoir influence. Inspired by a period known as La Belle Epoque. Here she depicts young girls in a beautiful costume playing with the ball with the dog in the garden. Huldah has had her paintings selected for the Grand Salon of the Salon des Artisted Francais in Paris. She won Honorable Mention awards on the Salons of 1948 and 1967.  Four of her works were purchased by Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
As for the paper backing, without seing it I would be unable to answer your question, I would seek the advice of a local gallery first.

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