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I inherited a painting I know nothing about, from a branch of the family that was quite wealthy.  It's a large (maybe 30"X 20"?) oil on canvas of what looks like two cardinals (or other Catholic church type guys, in rich-looking surroundings)looking at a painting on an easel.  The artist signed his name "S. Borosini".  It's in a very ornate frame.  I also found, in a small wooden box containing various small misc. items (pince-nez, carved cigarette holders, etc.) an old brass nameplate (the sort you see on frames of paintings in museums) that said S. Borosini.  I'd love to have any information on this artist.  Thank you!!

Dear Hilarie, I have looked through several extensive dictionaries of artists names, and find no listing for any Borosini. This may have been a minor Italian artist that did not have an international reputation. The next option would be to contact the library of a major art museum, that would have the "Comanducci". It is sort of a dictionary of Italian artists and price reference. I do not have this reference as it is many volumes and very expensive. You could also send photos and description of the painting to the European painting departments at Christie's and Sotheby's in New York(give them the impression you are interested in offering the painting for sale at auction).

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