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I have acquired a painting by an artist named Alberto Ruiz Vela who studied in Mexico City at the academy of fine arts.  Known for his paintings on Mexico City Bull fights.  He is a muralist and has been successful throughout the country.  The painting was distributed by Martin Lowitz of Los Angeles, CA.  
The Painting is in pinks, greens and whites, 3 buildings, a river boat with man.  Frame looks original.  Painting is #'d 1030.  Any information that you could provide on this would be so helpful.  I thank you in advance for your time.


Erin: Keep the painting and wait some years, this is a new painter in the market but in a few years he is going to be an expensive painter, so congratulations. Take a look below:
Title  Grizzly bear  
Auction result  EUR 645 - USD 775 - GBP 424  Estimate  -  
Category   Painting    
Medium  Oil/canvas  Date  24 Mar 1991  
Location  North Bethesda, MD. (US)  
Size  76.2x101.6 cm - ( 30x40 in)  Auction house  Sloan's  
Dated  -  Lot number  2464  

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