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I found an old original oil painting of a church amongst my late great uncle's belongings (he was born in the late 1800's). I think it's a very nice, and wonder if the artist is known. After removing it from the "display" frame I find it is stretched and nailed on an old frame with wooden shims in the corners (rather coarse looking). The name on the rt. lower corner looks like: "Jrus J. Thalin"(?) it may have two small dots over the r (if it is indeed an r)and a bold line beneath the name. On the unseen edge of the painting, under the above mentioned name, is an 07 which is probably 1907 but could be 1807, my great uncle had lots of "old" stuff he collected (he spent most of his life in Canada). Another name appears on the left lower corner of the painting but it isn't as bold as the other, and it's not really visible like the first name (It wasn't visible in the "display" frame) Perhaps the name of the church?  It looks like "Louby Kyiku or Kyika"(?) That's about all I can tell you. It's about 11.25 inches wide and 8.25 high. I appreciate any input you may have.  Thank you! gary  

Hello Gary,

The most difficult way to identify a work of art is by using a partial signature as your only reference.  If you are able to please send me good images of the front and back side of the work to and I will look at them and see what I can determine after seeing the entire painting.

Cheers, Brent

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