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QUESTION: Ihave had this painting for over 35 years and no one knows anything about this man. I do know he was born in 1806 and died in 1870. the portrate i have is of a man about 65 years old and he is wearing a baret and has a beard. That is all I can tell ou about this painting . Please help.
ANSWER: Hello David,

What is your question?  Please email an image of the front and back of the work to .

Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: i think his name is voktor von sillg and i want to know what you might know about his works
ANSWER: Hello David,

My art references say that he was a German artist that painted military scenes and landscapes using mainly watercolours.

Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: Thank you for getting back to me Brent. Th painting that I have is an oil painting not water color. How is it that this man has been dead for so long and no ones know anything about him or his works.
ANSWER: David,

The book that I referenced was first published in 1905.  If an artist has not been written about since he died there will be very little to reference except for the very basics, which is what I found.

Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: Thnak you once again for your quick response. Is there any other book or reference that I can go to that might have more information on this man. I am really at a lost here. The painting came from the International Art Galleries of Los angeles, Ca. However I cant find them on the internet. Sorry to be such a bother. Thanks for all of your help so far.

Hello David,

I have many references, the ones I checked are Allgemeines Lexikon der bildendend Künstler des XX. Jahrhundert, Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart, Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Internationale Künstlerdatenbank AKL = World Biographical Dictionary of Artists and Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs Benezit or Benezit.  The text I provided you a few answers ago was all that was written.  I suggest you will not find anymore but your local art library librarian may be able to assist.

Cheers, Brent

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