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picasso ,dance of youth ,purchased from in 1964 .signed and dated 25 7 61.Could you give me a ball park value for insurance and maybe resale value? any help would be great, thanks.

Hello Brooks,

The piece that you own is a very famous piece my Picasso.  It's not wise to just throw out a ball park value to your insurance company on works by Picasso, because the market changes every year, especially on hand signed works.  I would guess that your piece is signed in the stone used to produce the lithograph (an original does not exist  - Picasso painted the image directly onto the stone)If the gallery that you acquired the piece still exist, then contact them and ask for an updated certificate and new letter of value.  Condition of the works are VERY important, so be prepared to have it deframed.  I have seen this work for sale for a few thousand dollers framed.  If you need an exact number, then I would pay a few hundred to have it appraised...but make sure that it is not a poster...only worth a few bucks....


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