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I have been collecting Limited Edition Prints for several years and now own about 150. Most are still in their shipping cartoons.  Although I hope to resell the majority of my collection, I would like to retain approximately 50 for display and appreciation. I am looking for an economical and concise storage system that would enable easy selection and temporary display of specific prints. Most of the prints are fairly large and are on both paper and canvas. Can you recommend a system for storage and display that would fit within a small room (i.e. 8x10)? I would especially like to devise a hanging system using sleeves or other method of visually reviewing the prints, although I am also considering the more traditional metal cabinets. Thank you.

Dear Bonnie,

I get excited at the thought of your collection!  If I were in your shoes, I would contact your local art museum and get in touch with the Curator of Prints.  Ask to visit the archives and see first hand how museums preserve their important works.  It would be in your best interest to [ay close attention to the basic necessity of space and temperature as prints are most fragile works of art.  You might need more that an 8 x 10 room if you want to also display some works.  Also, rather than visually reviweing the works (except for special occasions) take digital images of the works to prevent unnecessary handling.  You can then showcase your favorites and use a projector to share with friends.  Your prints should not be handled often as then can easily crease and fold and are unsteady in sleeves.  I would be most careful..but would enjoy them as well..

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