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hi, i have a print from the catalda fine arts, but cant get any information , on it the print is called the old salt, print number is 363, artist noireaut, please let me know if u know anything about it

Dear Karen

Works produced by Catalda Fine Arts were reproductions of important works.  I'll be up front and tell you that Catalda Fine Art was in litigation for many years regarding copyright violations to the images that they produced.  Having said that, some works are etchings, lithographs, you should first determine what you have...if you have a print on board...its not worth but a few bucks..usually the frame has more worth..but..if its a hand signed and numbered could be worth a few hundred....some works at auction are at

You will see the auction results for these works by Catalda.

As you can see it might not be worth a lot but that is, of course, not the only important factor.  

Best Regards, Soren  

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