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Hello, I have a question regarding this painting's frame. I have discovered that the painting is by Augusto Bompiani but I'm told the frame is not Italian, basically a cheap American Victorian period frame. Is there any information you can give me on both the painting itself and it's frame. It is currently under glass. Is that ok? Would it benefit the painting to change the frame? Thank you so much for your help. The following is a link to pictures of the painting.
Best wishes, Michele

Hi Michele

First I have to say that I know practically nothing about frames. However I agree with you that this frame does not suit a nice painting like this Bompiani. It is a victorian period frame as you say. So maybe you should go on frame-hunting in antiqueshops.

Regarding the painting:

It is a very nice classical piece by Bompiani. It looks very much like the paintings executed in the beginnning of the 20th century. The girl pictured look like one of the models of Anticoli Corrado (a small town close to Tivoli) where Alessandro Battaglia and Camille Corot also painted.

I am sorry for not providing you with more help but this is what i could dig out.

Best Regards, Soren  

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