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my husband has an old painting we found signed by rico Tomasso.. there is no name or date, it looks like an original.  the subject is fruit, strawberries spilling out of a bowl with handles on it's side, with 1 whole apple and apple that has been cut, a light green/brown and yellow teapot with handle a bronze color coffee pot sitting on a small plate and a blue coffee cup,  there is also 2 books stacked behind,  all of this is on a talbe with a white cloth on half the table?  do you have any idea the name or what this might be worth.

Thank you for the question.

Here is an answer from one of my fellow experts here.

Rico TOMASO (1898-1985), was born in Chicago, but lived most of his life in N.Y. He is known for paintings and illustration. His work hit a peak at auction in the late nineties. Of note, there must be 50 posts on an art website by people who own Tomaso paintings and want to know their value. My suggestion is you find a local resource for appraisal, or contact on the art auction houses to get their opinion. Illustration House ( has sold several of his works and may be able to give you an estimate.

The highest price today paid at auction is $6600. It was a figurative interior scene titled “Introduction at a Formal Party”.

I hope this information is helpful.

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