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Several years ago I purchase a picture (etching,print?)  and I can not discern the artist's signiture. There are three odd things concerning this piece.One-I doodled an image very much like this image the day before I found it. Two- many months later I visited a home that contained the exact same image, differing only in their picture comes across as much "brighter" day/a "newer" image on white paper, as mine looks very atmospheric and older on browning paper. They could not recall the artist, but did say that they purchased the picture in New Orleans. Three- on the TV show Seinfeld, the parents of George seem to have two pictures by the same artist(one appears identical to mine)in the foyer of their home! The scene is a view from a watery canal-ally of a "Scandanavian-city?" canal with a boat, a couple of white hatted/scarved and apronned ladies passing in front of six connected buildings, beside and reflected in the canal.The scene measures 19x21.  

Sorry for my delay I was out of town. I need to see it, it is the best important thing to do. Watching it I could see if it is a lithograph, etching or a simple print, identify the painter, etc. I need dome photos to my e-mail: Sorry for shortly, I hope it helps you a little.

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