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can you answer questions about the artist that signs the paintings Wm Verdult

Dear Sir,

the artist you are refering to is William Verdult (born in 1939), it is a Dutch 20th century artist and therefore not my expertise. I only expertise Belgian art.
These are some publications by him, hope this can be helpful to you:
Verdult: An Experience in Diversity,
Kenny: the man who looked like the shroud - A true account. Author: Kolowrat,
Ernest, (documenter and editor), [William Verdult].
The Artist Blue Book, 2005
Official Price Guide to Collector Prints (1985)
William Verdult – Biographical Sketch (Urban Media Publication - 2006)
William Verdult – Scrapbook Urban Media Publication - 2006)

Kind Regards,

Christophe Boon

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