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I too have a "oil on board" by Utrillo....

Subject:  Oil Painting on Board, by Maurice Utrillo Vollard, Circa
Location:  Street scene in Montmartre.

Dimensions / Measurements:

Length, painting with frame:  29 5/16 inches  by  19 9/16

Plate #44, from ND548.P37  1994 Les Peintres De Zborowski
of Modigliani, Utrillo, Soutine.

Utrillo  by Francis Jourdain, ND 553.U7J6.

but my guess, based on your past comments, is that it is
probably not real.   However, on the chance that it may be...what
can you tell me about the medium "board" that Utrillo's works
were usually painted on?  The size/thickness/maker? ...I know
that a monetarily poor artist would use whatever he/she could
afford to buy or "borrow" at the time.....

My ptg, when compared to the one I saw in the catalogue
is less "precise" than the one in the catalogue.
Does that mean that the ptg is a fake or could it be an earlier
rendition of the ptg in the catalogue?
Would the board size ,maker, style me to authenticate
this pc?  Thanks for your time...hope this info was enough to
help you to better help me.  R J

Dear RJ, First, you should be aware that Utrillo was probably the most copied, reproduced, and faked artist of the 20th century. The chances that you would have an original work by the artist are slim to none.
Why your painting would say "by Maurice Utrillo Vollard", I do not understand. Utrillo was the illegitimate child of Suzanne Valadon, an artists' model and painter herself. Utrillo first signed his paintings "Maurice Valadon", later "M. U. Valadon", and finally "Maurice Utrillo V." Ambroise Vollard was the foremost art dealer and art publisher of the day for artists of the School of Paris.
As opposed to "oil on canvas" and "oil on wood panel", "oil on board" can take many forms of pressed material from cardboard to masonite. Utrillo painted both on board and on canvas.

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