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I have a sculpture that I guess is Chinese or Tibetan and which I think is an antique. Its gilt patina has dark spots. Is there anything I can do about that? And, how should I clean it? I plan on selling it so I don't want to make changes that would be considered destructive to its authenticity.

From your description, this is typical of older gilt bronzes.  No gilt surface is 100% impermeable due to micro-void, and it can also become damaged from handling over time.  This allows oxygen and moisture to interact with the underlying bronze, resulting in galvanic corrosion spots that come through the holes in the gilt surface.
There's nothing that you should do about it.  Have the object professionally appraised first, since you are planning on selling it anyway, then have a qualified objects conservator with experience in Asian gilt objects examine it and propose a treatment.

Paul Storch
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