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Not sure if you have came across old south american pottery before but you mentioned you know metals. So what I have here is a copper pot with a gold sun god figure on handle. There are depictions of a warrior, sun god, mask, and llama on sides. I bought it at an antique shop and wondering if it is a period piece or if it was made in peru region for tourist trade. I do not see any modern machinery used such as welding or screws. Any info will be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

Although I'm not a curatorial expert in South American metalwork (my metal knowledge is in conservation and materials science of metals), this looks like a modern (i.e. 20th century) tourist piece.
From what I've seen of Moche and Inca metalwork objects and techniques, they didn't make anything this large or utlitiarian.  Also, the rivet construction for the spout and handle pieces appear to be modern.  I haven't seen rivet construction on actual Incan pieces.
The decorations and blue paint don't look like authentic Incan motifs since they are rather crudely done.
In general, gold, silver, and copper were rare and expensive in those cultures and were used for smaller high value objects.

Hope that helps.

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