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Hi Paul,
I'm not sure that this question fits your area of expertise but I don't know who else to ask.
I have a gentlemen in Florida wanting to exchange an oil painting for some items of value that I own, he claims the painting is over 100 years old and that he inherited it from his father in law who he claims turned down $105K for it in 1980 to keep it for an investment. It's a street scene that looks like early Europe and is signed by what appears to be J Mastin or something very similar I would be happy to forward you some pictures if that would be possible. My email address is  
Thanks, Sam Clymer  


Since I'm not an art curator or appraiser, it is somewhat out of my area.  I would suggest that you find a professional appraiser in your area to research and appraise the painting so you can get a current value before you trade it for anything.  Is there an official appraisal from 1980 so you can verify the claims of the value at that time?  You should approach anything like this with caution.


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