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Why would a European women like an European man who hates American women and says they are a piece of crap?

Hi Essai,

That is a kind of question to which you will never get the correct answer. It's a bit similar to "Which one was first? The hen or the egg".

There is no official research in this subject so I assume that this is a result of your own findings and as a result of your disappointing encounters you now generalize.    

Do you in your question talk about European women, who likes European men even though European men says they hate American women and says they are crap?

Let's start with the word hate. This word is often said after a deep emotion of dislike, disappointment or being of other opinion. Examples: "I hate Lisa because she doesn't share my opinions", I hate Catherine's husband because he wasn't good to her", "I hate macaronis"

Someone who feels hate has had a bad encounter with the object and feels at that moment so irrational that the person strongly dislikes it = hates.

Like. Few people on this earth like people because of their opinion of other countrymen.
People are usually liked of their morals and ethics. Being a good friend, partner, husband, wife.

If you have had bad encounters with certain types of people, avoid them, as people cannot be changed and especially opinions of stupid people are not even worth listening to.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year 2013 and let extremely stupid people be.  


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