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We had a foreign exchange student around 1986.  His name is Olli Helanen and he's about 42 yrs old now.  He grew up in Hamina and was making a career in the military.  His wife's name is Sari.  I know he was sent to Turkey for. While ith the military.  We visited them in 1993 but have since lost touch with him.  He stayed with us in Milton, WV.  
Can you help us locate him please?
Thank you Johanna

Dear Johanna,

Greetings from Finland.

I finally found out Olli Helanen's address. However, I don't want to publish it here (all answers to non-private questions are automatically published). So please, send me a PRIVATE follow-up question or contact me by e-mail (add subject: All Expert Question).

With very best regards,



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