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Hi Evelyn,
My girlfriend and I will be in Karesuvanto this weekend for a week (6th Jan to 13th Jan)and was wondering what the chances are of seeing the northern lights.
Could you also help us by recomending some local dishes that we should experience.

Hi Mark,

Welcome to Finland! =) You chose a really good location to spot northern lights as it is said that at the area around Kilpisjärvi, you can see northerna lights on 3 nights out of 4 on cloudfree nights.

Regarding food, all dishes including fish or raindeer are traditional for that area. I have heard that the food at Hetan Majatalo is a must experience but you need to check when and if they serve food during your stay. You can also enjoy a traditional sami dinner in a Laplander's tent. Karesuando Wilderness are arranging dinner evenings.

Hope you enjoy your stay! =)  


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