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I received an email from you stating that you heard from Sonja??
The last email I received from you said you hadn't located anyone by that name...I haven't had any correspondance with Sonja for many years..not just from last summer, so I guess I would need more information from you.  Thank you.
Wanda Ulmer

Hi Wanda,

Oh my God, I cannot believe this unfortunate happening!! When you contacted me last summer, I found her after you gave me additional information and I also sent you her full contact details saying she was anxious to hear from you. Unfortunately I have no idea how that answer never came to you. I checked my answers from June and I have quoted it here below. Now Sonja is really eager to hear from you =)


Hi Wanda,

Thanks a lot for that information =) It lead me to the right Sonja Franzell who nowadays is married and her name is Sonja Tobiasson.

I spoke with her and she was very taken and eager to hear from you.
She also asked for your e-mail adress so could you pls. pass it?

Her details are as follows:

Sonja Tobiasson
Kettupolku 2 D 19
21600 Pargas

Tel +358-40-4885678

Hope you have many happy moments to come =)

Regards from Evelyn



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