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I am looking for our exchange student Tiina Virtanen and her boyfriend Arttu Solonen. The last address we had for them was:   

Venekatu 3  Lahti, Finland 15300.

I sure hope you can help us on this, we appreciate all your help.

Pete Petersen

Hi Pete,

Greetings from the sunny Finland.

You had a very difficult question because there are dozens of people named Tiina Virtanen in Finland. So I am very sorry for the delay of this answer. I finally found the Tiina Virtanen who has earlier had the address you mentioned.

I am sorry that I can't tell her new address here because you have sent me a non-private (public) question. All answers to public questions are automatically published on AllExperts page and I don't want to publish her contact details.

So please send me a PRIVATE follow-up question via AllExperts or contact me by email (add subject AllExpert question).

I am going on a weekend holiday soon and I will answer you on Monday.

Have a nice weekend!

With very best regards,



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