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Finland/trying to find my pen pals address


Hi this is a long shot but I am hoping that you can help or at leas point me in the right direction. I have been corresponding with my pen pal for a number of years and have now mislaid her address - I had a massive clear out of papers and by accident must have thrown her address out with them. I had hoped she would have sent e a letter wondering what had happened to me - my last letter from her was in April this year - I think she may think something had happened to my husband as hes been ill and this is why no curious letter from her wondering what has happened.
She lives on Korpo her name is Harji or Harriet who has MS, her husband is a church minister who travels to neighbouring islands and the word Stommeburg comes to mind and they have a pet dog - not a lot to go on I am sorry
Many Thanks

Dear Claire,

Sorry to hear that you mistakenly threw your penpals address. I tried to find anyone in Korpo by the name Harriet but there are too many. I also tried to find a church minister whose surname could begin with St from Stommeburg or Strömberg but without result. Do you happen to remember her birthday or family name ?


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