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Hi Evelyn,
I am Shanthi perera from Sri Lanka. I had a pen friend called ms Ritva Syvasalmi from Hamina Finland when I was in my teens. it was during 1971 - 1972, and we corresponded through post ( snail mail) as there was no e mail , internet at that time. I remember a part of  her address and it was " heijainmaki Linja kautta 123p ". i am sorry I only remember that part of her address her.

I would be so happy if I could know a way of finding her. My e mail addresses are   and

Thank you in advance.

Shanthi Perera

Dear Shanthi,

Thank you for your message. A quick search through the Finnish phone finder gave me no result for Ritva Syvasalmi. I would need her birth date and year or full previous address in order to call the population registry center and locate the correct Ritva.

Do you happen to have either the birth date or former snail mail address ? It would help a lot.

Regards from Evelyn


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