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Dear Evelyn,

Would you be kind enough to translate this short message into Finnish for me? I have sold a video game to someone in Finland, and I would like to send them this message in their own language to make sure it is completely clear!

The message is:


I dispatched the game to you on Monday. Please will you let me know when it arrives, so that I know it has reached you safely?

Also, the game still has my data on it from when I owned it. The only way to delete game data is to start a new file and save over the existing data (I am sure you know this!). It seemed pointless for me to start a new file when I knew you would be playing the game, so don't be alarmed when you see the game still has my data on it!

Thank you very much again for your purchase.

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for your help!

Good evening Tess,

Sure! No problems translating a text for you =) And if you receive a reply in Finnish, you can mail me directly to for quicker assistance.

Here goes:


Lähetin pelin teille maanantainta. Voitko ystävällisesti ilmoittaa kun se on saapunut sinulle jotta tiedän että se on tullut perille asti ?

Peliin on tällä hetkellä tallennettuna minun tiedot ajalta jolloin se oli minulla. Voit pyyhkiä minun pelitiedot luomalla uusi tiedosto ja tallentamalla se jo olemassaolevan/vanhan  tiedoston päälle (varmasti tiedätkin tämän jo). Ajattelin ettei minun kannata uutta tiedostoa luoda vaan voit sen itsekin tehdä. Joten älä ihmettele kun siellä näkyy minun tietoja!

Kiitos vielä kerran ostoksestasi ja mukavaa kevättä.




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