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Finland/Finnish translation Number 2


Dear Evelyn,

Thank you so much for your previous translation for me. Would you be kind enough to translate another message for me? I have to give feedback for the transaction with my Finnish, and would like to leave it in Finnish.

The message is: "Very quick payment and a good transaction. Thank you very much."

I'm so grateful for your help. Even though you kindly gave me your email address, I thought I would ask you through Allexperts again so that I could leave some more feedback for you. :)

Thank you very much,


Hello dear,

Good to hear your international trade went well. I bet the buyer was surprised you writing him/her in Finnish =)

Hahhaaa, very thoughtful of you to request it here via in order to give me more points =))

Most certainly I will translate it for you. Here it comes:

Erittäin nopea maksu ja luotettava kauppakumppani, suosittelen! Kiitos vielä kerran.

Have a nice upcoming weekend! =)  


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