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Dear Jim:  My name is Katian Palmer.  I am trying to find my friend Minna Tenhunen who was my penpal as a teenager.  She was born in 1979, I think and graduated High School in 1997.  The only thing I can recall about her address is 5B15 Maurizintie.  I have a photo of her that she sent me when we were teens but we lost contact after my house got burned down and destroyed all my diaries.

I would love to find her, please.

Dear Katian,
I called the population registry center who found one Minna Tenhunen born in 1979, but this person has put her contact details secret. In other words no information of her is available to the public. Can you send me her photo? I will check if I could find a match on Facebook. Do you remember from which city she is?  


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