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Howdy, I am testing for Fire Lieutenant. Do you have any advice for the assessment portion of the test. It includes questions concerning operations, policy change, and personnel issues.i have been with Dallas for 29 years. Driver for 13 years. Although promotion would be late in my career, its important to me. Any input from you, sir, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Denny Page, Driver-Engineer,Truck 20C (most active truck in Texas)

Howdy to you too Danny

 It's never too late to seek promotion.  You have the advantage of experience and years under your belt so use it.  You should know  all the "ropes" by now and your department knows that. Obviously you're dependable and motivated.

Without going over the obvious. Dress, posture and all I would suggest doing or saying something that absolutely no other candidates  does.  I I've been  on many interview and promotional panels. The candidates all run together after awhile. They say the same old  thing and after about three interviews I've forgotten the first candidate. Don't be that guy.

Be confident and show it.  Don't be afraid to brag on yourself and your accomplishments. Use a lot of we, team , training, motivated terms. Seriously don't tell them that you can do the job. Tell them that you are the one for the job.  Be confident in what you say.

I would guess they might throw a few scenarios at you as well.  No matter what they throw at you make sure you at least make a decision. You don't need any help from the chief with putting a car fire out however you would definitely want to involve him regarding any personnel issues.  These assessors, I assume fire officers, don't want you calling them twenty times a day with trivial problems. After all this is a lieutenants position.  You not running for president.  Always document actions. Document document document. Say that every chance you get.  I will document all actions.  Notify your supervisor of issues that he should have knowledge of. Personnel issues may require his assistance as well as human resources. Your job is to recognize problems that you can handle at your level and know when to seek advice. Document, don't forget to tell them that you will document everything. Employee assistance programs are very popular. You have a guy on shift who is showing signs of depression or stress from a bad call. Check with him to see what you can do. Tell him about Employee assistance. Notify the chief and human resources. Document everything.  What the employees said,  what you say, what you said, what you did.  Never try to fix an issue that may require professional help. Yes it's OK to talk to one of the guys struggling through a nasty divorce, but when performance is affected by it you must do more.  I could ramble on and on

To conclude. Be different than the other candidates. Take the bull by the horns and make a decision that is within your pay grade,  notify supervisors when necessary,  document,  first and foremost,  be yourself and show confidence tell them you are the one

Please let me know if you need any more help. Good luck to you.  

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I have 34 years of full time experience with the city of Overland Park, KS fire department.


34 year veteran with the City of Overland Park Kansas Fire Department.

Overland Park,a large suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, is the second most populous city in Kansas with a population of 166,000

Overland Park ranks as one of the most progressive departments, as well as cities, in the United States. In 2006 CNN/Money Magazine ranked it 6th on it's "100 Best Cities to live in the United States". A recent 2007 article by National Geographic Magazine lists Overland Park as one of the top 50 US destinations.

Our department seems to grow daily and currently staffs approximately 160 paid fire and EMS personnel covering 69 square miles of territory with five stations. Our training facility is nothing less than state of the art with live computer controlled burn props on several floors of it's five story tower. A recently added Command and Control Center has added a new dimension to our regional wide response to large incidents.

I currently carry the rank of Captain/EMT. To this day I totally love my job and department as well as those individuals I work with. My family members include three brothers in the fire service as well as three in law enforcement. My father was a fire chief with a midwest fire department before he retired after 32 years of service.
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Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science
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