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Hi John
You have answered questions before about closing off the four vents that are on a fireplace brickwork.  I have these to, they do not seem to go anywhere except behind the metal firebox.  Some heat does come out when there is a fire but not to hot to touch.  I would also like to seal these up and put a combination wood, stone tile surround up. You said they could be covered by almost any means.  What I would like to know is who I can contact to come out and check to make sure it is safe to cover up.  So far everyone I have contacted has never heard of this type of fireplace.  
Please help
Thank you

They're called a Heatilator fireplace. They're completely safe to cover up. A reputable chimney sweep in your area will confirm this for your peace of mind. Try Angie's List or Consumer's Affairs to find one.

If that doesn't work please contact me again and we'll go from there.

Happy Holidays.



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