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I have read that the flue pipe from a wood stove should have no more than two 90 degree elbows between the stove and the wall thimble where the smoke and heat would then take another 90 degree turn up the chimney. Also the run from the stove to the wall thimble should be no more than 10' and to avoid horizontal runs of pipe.

In regards to the horizontal run I can elimnate that by using a 90 degree elbow out of the furnace and running the pipe towards the wall thimble at a 45 degree angle then go into the wall thimble with a 45 degree elbow. Is this ok or do I need to do some thing else.



If your unit is far enough from the wall to do 45 degree elbows, then it can only help with the draft and certainly not hurt.

When it's time to clean the chimney, make sure it's relatively easy to get to the base of the chimney. All of the soot and everything will build up there.



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