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Fireplace/prefab fireplace leak


recently bought house. have prefab wood burning firplace with vinyl wrapped chimney.Temtex brand. hearing dripping sound when I looked through the louvers on front of fireplace I can see water laying on firebox. It is not coming through the flue but rather around it. when you look up there is silver foil and I can get my hand in there to feel insulation above that and metal. seems to be around outside of pipe. had it swept and inspected and guy caulked around storm collar. doesn't happen when it is raining, more when it is cold, like condensation. people have said it is chase cover but seems like it would do it in rain. have called companies to come out and check it but has either been snowing or they don't show up. any idea of cause thanks

My first instinct is to go with the chase cover. It a wood burning fireplace right? Not a wood burning fireplace thats been converted to a gas fireplace? If its been converted to a gas logs fireplace then maybe(and thats a really big maybe) it could, maybe, kinda be condensation.
The reason it doesnt happen when it rains is because itmay need to be a driving rain, coming from a certain direction. Whereas if snow and/or ice sits up there on top it has a much better chance of finding the place where its leaking. This one of the few things thats hard to nail down online like this, but as I said, my first instinct is to go with the chase cover. Make sure if you do have it replaced that its a one piece cover with no seams and it has to be either stainless steel of at the very least aluminum.

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