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First Aid/nerve damage to index finger


paul montgomery wrote at 2009-11-17 16:54:47
amy, you know i have the exact same thing going on. i've been looking for answers also. i was bit by a dog on my middle finger, and it's healed now after two months. but, this "shock" thing is really something. the numbness and tingling is on the left side -up to the tip and when i touch it....zap! shocks through it. have you found out anything more?


Jill J wrote at 2009-12-14 04:01:03
I too have recently had a similar injury and I'm keen to know more.  Half of the tip of my index finger is entirely numb but I can live with that if I know the acute nerve pain (when I extend the finger back or squeeze the finger above the injury site).

When there is no entrapment of broken bones complicating the injury can surgery repair the nerve?  If not, is there any point paying the big bucks to see a hand surgeon?

Joe wrote at 2012-07-10 03:03:04
Thanks for your info on your web site.  I cut my right index finger, (left side. just ahead of main knuckle) and experiencing the same thing Amy described, except that I am numb from the cut on left side below main knuckle to the finger tip. The right side of finger is normal, but if I reach upward or downward to pick up something I get what feels like a thousand volts!  Usually, It feels like pins and needles when I stretch my arm and hand out to the right...

Joe wrote at 2012-12-14 02:14:23
Similar problems with my left hand, you should be tested for RSD

also known as CRP's, I'm being tested and treated, stellate ganglione blocks

All types of pills and bone scans, now they want to preform exploratory

Surgery separating nerve from tendon and attaching it to bone in index

Finger.  Been going on for two years now and just keeps getting


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