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I cut the fingertip of my middle finger on my left hand a month ago with a knife while trying to slice a hunk of cheese. The cut was not even halfway through so I did not go see a doctor. My husband said it would heal on it's own and that there was nothing a doctor would do for it. Was concerned about the skin not knitting back together and scarring. I wrapped paper towels around my finger and held it tight while waiting for the bleeding to stop. After the bleeding slowed I ran water over it to clean anything out. I then applied manuka honey to it to kill any bacteria and to speed healing. Then I wrapped Band-Aids around it to protect it and to hold the cut skin together better. I repeated this everyday until the wound shut, then I left Band-Aids off. The finger looks healed on the outside and is not noticeable. But the problem is that there is a very small slightly red bump on one side where the cut was and it is extremely painful when I accidentally hit the finger against something that ordinarily I would not have noticed. Gentle pressing does not hurt. Is something wrong with my fingertip because it looks completely healed from the outside. Thank you.

Hello Sarah,

I'm sorry to hear about your finger. Sutures are usually put in place to keep large wounds from staying open and drying out, If they are placed soon after the injury the skin edges may network back together (scar tissue) which is always a part of the natural healing process. Or to control a wound that consistently bleeds. I don't have a firm opinion on manuka honey. I have never used it myself and from what I have read on it it may have some benefit on helping to heal some kinds of wounds but not others, more research is really needed.

The small painful bump? that's hard to say exactly what it is. It could be a small piece of skin that healed inside one of the deeper layers of skin and now causes inflammation?.. it could be a piece of something foreign to the body that has been encapsulated by the skin to keep it from making contact? both of these possibilities will dissipate in time, though it may take several months? Overall it sounds like your finger has healed well (at least to this point) now it just has to take care of that one last bit of tissue that is causing you pain and you should be completely healed.

I hope you heal up completely soon,


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