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Hi there! Well about two days ago I caught a cough (nothing major) from someone. I don't cough very hard or very often- it's just there, but today it's beginning to go away. Yesterday, though, when I went to spit out some flem in the sink (charming, huh?) I saw a speck of blood. Just a speck and I thought it might be food, but this morning I spat into the sink and one or specks were in my saliva. I have spat a few times into the sink today but my saliva was clear till just now when I saw one or two specks again. Now, these 'specks' are bright red, and not runny or anything. It doesnt hurt to breath, but when I swallow or cough I can feel an area in my windpipe? Or whatever that thing is running down your throat, in my upper chest, but below my collarbones. It doesn't hurt- I can just feel it...  And I really don't know why the specks are there! I am a 16yr female and I obviously don't smoke or drink, I eat fairly healthy and I am active. So what do you think? I am hesitant to see a doctor because it could be food?? Thanks for your time :)

Hello Kira,

It's not uncommon to have as little bleeding, especially if you have coughed rather hard a few times. after your cough subsides any blood in your phlegm should disappear as well. This is nothing serious unless you are coughing up large amounts of clotted blood.

Get well soon,


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