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Eleven days ago, I fell on an ice skate blade and it punctured my shin. The cut was pretty deep (see attached pictures...please excuse my pale, hairy winter legs!). I rinsed it copiously with water, then alcohol. I kept the dressing clean and dry after that, and it has since scabbed over.
Last night, I noticed that bruises were starting to appear below the wound and around my inner ankle. They don't have the typical greenish hue I would expect from an eleven-day old bruise. They are patchy and mottled and bluish. The actual cut doesn't look infected, but the whole area (from the cut to my foot) is still mildly swollen, achy, and tender. Why are these bruises just now forming? Should I worry about DVT? Thanks so much for your time.


An injury such as you are describing is not one of the typical causes for DVT but without seeing a doctor there is no way to know for sure. It is possible that the bruising is only now showing up from being bruised deeper in the skin than you would typically get, or from bleeding that has occurred under the scab more recently. The bruising could also be completely unrelated but it is hard to tell without. The swelling, ache and tenderness could be signs of infection or again of bleeding that has occurred under the skin / scab. With any wound infection is a possibility. If you are concerned about it, it would be a good idea to get a doctor to look at it just to see if it is something that needs to be treated.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like further explanation or have any more questions.  

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