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Hi there! Well about two days ago I caught a cough (nothing major) from someone. I don't cough very hard or very often- it's just there, but today it's beginning to go away. Yesterday, though, when I went to spit out some flem in the sink (charming, huh?) I saw a speck of blood. Just a speck and I thought it might be food, but this morning I spat into the sink and one or specks were in my saliva. I have spat a few times into the sink today but my saliva was clear till just now when I saw one or two specks again. Now, these 'specks' are bright red, and not runny or anything. It doesnt hurt to breath, but when I swallow or cough I can feel an area in my windpipe? Or whatever that thing is running down your throat, in my upper chest, but below my collarbones. It doesn't hurt- I can just feel it...  And I really don't know why the specks are there! I am a 16yr female and I obviously don't smoke or drink, I eat fairly healthy and I am active. So what do you think? I am hesitant to see a doctor because it could be food?? Thankyou for your time! :))

Hi Kira,

Your question is outside my expertise as I am primarily in immediate first aid assistance.  I do have a few suggestions for you .  You can go to your doctor and should he/she feel there is a concern, tests will be done.  I cannot say if it is a concern; however, everyone knows their body best.  You could also check with someone here that is a doctor.  They would be much more qualified to help you and make appropriate recommendations.  I am sorry I can't be of more help.

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