First Aid/Deep cut and burn to hand.


I am currently writing a story in which a character of mine cuts her palm on a shard of glass from a picture frame. This happened when she gripped the glass tightly in her hand. Later on her wounded hand is pressed against a electric burner.

What kind of damage would this cause to her hand? How would the cut, as well as the burn, be treated in the hospital?

Thank you!


First of all I apologise for the delay in response, my internet has been down for the last while.
I'll start with the cut. In hospital the cut would likely be looked at to ensure tehre was no glass in it. It would then be sutured and bandaged.
The burn would depend on how long her hand was on the burner and how hot it was. it could cause the skin to turn red like a sunburn (first degree burn), white and blistered (2nd degree) or a third degree would be black with second and third degree burns around it. The treatment of the burn would also depend on the severity. Infection is a concern with any burn and increasingly so with the severity. The burn would be cooled and bandaged. After that if it is a more severe burn the skin may need to be debrided (dead skin pulled off).
I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further information or have more questions.  

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