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I cut myself pretty bad two mornings ago. My middle finger, left hand, on top side (not palm side). The cut starts from the kuckle closest to my fingertip and ends almost in my nail bed. Its not a straight line up-and-down cut like some knife cuts, though-its a horizontal cut across my finger-pretty deep. I didn't really think it needed stitches, so I just stopped the bleeding, cleaned it, put a bandaid on it, and I'm using a finger splint. Of course the cut hurt at the time, and there was also a little pain in my hand/wrist. But now, 2 days later, the pain is definitely worse (and keeps getting worse) and it runs from my finger, into my wrist, up my forearm, and into my shoulder. My fingers, hand, and wrist also keep going tingly on me off and on, sometimes the tingles go all the way up my whole arm. Also, if I bend my wrist, it shoots major tingles all through my hand and wrist. If I lift something that has any weight to it, it hurts my wrist pretty bad. I don't suspect infection-the cut/surrounding skin looks nice and clean and the only discoloration is the bruising down my finger, and I started antibiotics that I had at home (I know, not supposed to have any leftover, don't lecture LOL), and my tetanus is only 2 years old. I have an appointment tomorrow, was just being curious if you had any thoughts of what's going on.

Hi Kay,

What I was suggest you to do you have already taken the step ... seeing your doctor.  I am not a doctor so I cannot say what your specific problem would be.  It could be anything from bones to nerves.   Please do let me know after your appointment what the outcome was. I am eager to know how you make out.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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