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injured foot
injured foot  

injured foot
injured foot  

3 weeks ago, I stepped on a small piece of glass and tried removing those on the surface. I went to the hospital and was told that there was a tiny piece left inside my foot. I could either wait for the glass to be expelled out of my body or just leave it there. However, it appears that what was a small black dot at my wound area has now developed into a bigger black dot (a mould size). I can feel a hard lump too. Could you advise me if there is anything wrong? Thank you.

I have attached a picture for your reference.

Hello Esther,

what it appears you have is a small collection of blood under the skin (like a bruise or better described a "blood blister"). if it doesn't hurt or otherwise bother you it's probably nothing to be concerned about. (this is, of course judging from your photos and your report of the glass in your foot. You could try a warm towel on your foot or soaking your foot in warm water to promote better circulation and possibly removal of that trapped blood. if it becomes painful or iritating I'd have it looked at by your doctor.  

Get better soon,


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