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I'm writing a story where one character goes out for a walk and gets hit by a car going about twenty or thirty miles per hour. Because of this, she gets amnesia. Would it be realistic for her to have a broken foot/leg? What other injuries might she have? Concerning her amnesia, if she lost seven years of memories, would there be a time considered too soon for her to regain her memories, or does it not matter?

Sorry for all the questions, but this will help me a lot. Thanks!

Hello Jo,

depending where the car's bumper hits her probably a high, lower leg fracture, possibly a knee injury with torn ligaments, possibly a femur fracture if it was a truck or SUV that hit her.  she would be knocked down and hit her head on the opposite side from where the car hit (if she was hit on the right side she would fall striking her left side of her head on the ground. Lasting amnesia, especially in the range of years is rare, I don't think I could accurately answer time limits for how long it could/ would last or how soon she regains her memory. usually I've seen short term memory loss.

Patient: "what happened to me? was I in a car accident?"
EMT: "yes, you were driving and went off the road, you hit your head pretty hard"
Patient: "ok.. "
Patient: "my head hurts... what happened.. was I in an accident?"

Good luck with your story.


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