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Yesterday I hit my head pretty hard on the door and the impact was just above my temple. It was not hard enough to knock me out or make me dizzy or anything but it did really hurt. I did not get a headache or bruise, which I find quite weird. I am concerned because I'm afraid that my brain may be bleeding without me knowing. I have no dizziness, no nausea, no headaches, just tender at the spot where I hit it and I have this ringing in my right ear (the side of the trauma). However I am a huge hypochondriac so the ringing can maybe be because of my panic but I doubt it. It's been 30 hours since I hit my head and I have no memory loss or problems concentrating g at school (I'm 16). And I keep checking for a dilated pupil on the right side but there's nothing. I fell pretty much ok it's just the ringing. Plus my ears feel a little blocked (since I hit it) but really really little and again I'm pretty sure that's from my obsessive hypochondria. Should I be concerned? Will the ringing to away and is it normal after a head injury?? I am really scared and I need reassurance.

Thank you!

Hello John,

It sounds like you hit your head pretty good but if you haven't had any serious symptoms at this point you're probably pretty safe. Most people have some degree of unequal pupils. the ringing in your ears may not be a major concern but talk with your doctor the next time you see him/ her. the only thing I would watch for is a very bad headache.. usually described as "the worst headache of my life" usually with an abrupt onset. (most headaches come on over a matter of minutes to hours, a suspicious headache you go from no headache to a 10 on a scale of 0-10 in an instant, you know w exactly what you were doing when the headache started.)if you don't have serious, debilitating neurological deficits in the next 2 week I'd say your probably totally safe. I wouldn't worry too much about it, the chance that you would have symptoms at this point is slim anyways.

Good luck, stay healthy and safe.


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