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I have a hospital history of constipation but this time something's off I'm having very extreme pain in my abdomen area I went to a specialist before and did blood work and a stool sample she prescribed me with miralax but it mad the pain 20x worse so i stopped taking it and for some reason they sent me to a nurse and doctor instead of the specialist and my doctor today told me the tests I took came back I suppose to be concern?because the doctors doesn't seem to get the picture that I'm in a lot of pain the pain comes and go and I haven't went to the bathroom(defecating)in 6 day I also feel nausea and vomit sometimes.

Hello Porsher,

I'm not sure exactly what question you're asking me?

If you're not feeling well I would suggest to anyone, if you cant get better with what you have at home it's time to see your doctor (which you have done).

Follow your doctors advice (I would have continued to take Miralax and called my doctor to ask what to do when the pain gets worse).

The nurse and doctor you were sent to (were they at the specialist's office?)

The test that came back "abnormal", what was the test and what are is the normal range? What do the results mean for you?

I would like to answer your question, or explain how certain tests are run or explain your diagnosis yo you but at this point I need some more information and a clear question before I can give you a good answer.


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